A Comprehensive Guide to Ulti-Pilot

Ultiverse Team
3 min readFeb 15, 2024

Ulti-Pilot has launched!

It will only take you 15 seconds per day to participate and gain access to the massive airdrop rewards of 10B SOUL (equivalent to 100M $ULTC).



Video tutorial:

10 Billion SOUL Airdrops! Ultiverse Live with Moonlight — YouTube

A Comprehensive Guide to Ulti-Pilot

Ulti-Pilot is envisioned to be the immersive gateway to the diverse gaming experiences within Ultiverse, all powered by the advanced AI technology of the Bodhi Protocol. On February 19th, we are launching the lite version of Ulti-Pilot, providing early access to users with a Pilot code or access code to experience firsthand the future of AI and gaming.


Users will get to explore different Micro World scenes in Ulti-Pilot, earning random rewards including:

  • Pilot Points (a determining factor for the allocation of SOUL later)
  • SOUL
  • Achievements
  • Other ecosystem assets

Each Micro World scene can be explored once per day. Terminus, being the Genesis World, is free to explore; however, you will need to consume some SOUL to explore the other Micro Worlds.

A daily exploration report will be generated on your ‘Calendar’ the next day, along with the rewards you obtained from the explorations. To appreciate your early support, there will be a rewards booster in the first week!


You can earn starting SOUL by completing missions synchronized from Mission Runner, Ultiverse’s quest platform.

For more information regarding our 1B-U2DM campaign on Mission Runner (1B SOUL allocation), check

Link: https://twitter.com/UltiverseDAO/status/1750579508049281191


You’ll receive extra Pilot Points from the daily explorations of those you’ve invited.

If A invites B, and B invites C:

When B explores, A gets 16% of B’s points.

When C explores, B gets 16% of C’s points, and A gets 8% of C’s points.

Anyone with a Pilot Code has 5 access codes, each for inviting one additional participant. Players entering with an access code can’t invite others during their first week.

After the initial week, you can advance through levels and unlock additional access codes based on your Pilot Points.

As your point level increases, your chances of obtaining achievements and ecosystem assets from your daily explorations also increase. Pilot Codes will be claimable soon if you’ve won one from our collab partners.

Thanks for reading and see you soon in Ulti-Pilot!

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