Fiat24 & Ultiverse Genesis Visa Card AMA — Q&A

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Fiat24 & Ultiverse Genesis Visa Card AMA — Q&A

Part One: Opening

Host — Ultiverse Head of Community: Moonlight

Part Two: Introduction

Fiat24 — Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) — Kay

Ultiverse MetaFi Ecosystem — Co-Founder — Jimmy

Part Three: Q&A

What distinguishes the Ultiverse Genesis Visa Card from conventional credit or debit cards?

Kay: By now, you’re likely acquainted with other crypto cards, such as those from, Coinbase, and Binance. These are built on Web2 structures, and card access requires prior login to a Centralized Exchange (CEX) platform.

On the contrary, the Fiat24 card is constructed on Web3 infrastructure, with the Fiat24 NFT serving as your account. The wallet you choose for the NFT becomes your e-banking tool. Transactions are processed on Arbitrum, and only the NFT owner can access the related account and conduct transactions.

Here are the key distinguishing aspects of the Fiat24 Card and protocol:

The Ultiverse Genesis Visa Card (Fiat24 NFT) is your Swiss cash account.

You can manage your debit card directly via MetaMask or your preferred crypto wallet.

Instant access to your dashboard and Visa card is available on your mobile phone anytime, anywhere.

We ensure rapid transaction settlement times.

Is the Ultiverse Genesis Visa Card itself an NFT? Which blockchain hosts it? When and where can we mint it? Are there any available whitelists?

Kay: Absolutely. To initiate the use of the Ultiverse Genesis Visa Card (Fiat24 NFT), you must mint our NFT, granting access to the card! Our foundation rests on Arbitrum, and the NFT is obtainable for free upon connecting your wallet to the Ultiverse Genesis Visa Card (Fiat24 NFT). No whitelists are necessary, as it’s already accessible with numerous users employing it.

Please highlight some use cases for the Ultiverse Genesis Visa Card.

Kay: The Ultiverse Genesis Visa Card (Fiat24 NFT) offers many applications; let’s explore one example. Imagine being a DeFi enthusiast who prefers safeguarding crypto assets in a non-custodial wallet instead of a centralized exchange. One day, you require funds for a purchase. Picture opening your MetaMask, linking to the Fiat24 dApp, and seamlessly converting your tokens into fiat. In essence, you can recharge your Ultiverse Genesis Visa Card (Fiat24 NFT), enabling instantaneous payments without the complexities of moving tokens out of MetaMask to a centralized exchange.

Can the Ultiverse Genesis Visa Card be employed for payments in physical stores and online shops using cryptocurrencies?

Kay: Absolutely! All our users cherish this feature. Once the digital card is connected to Apple Pay or Google Pay on your phone, you can execute contactless payments wherever Visa is accepted and use your card details for online transactions.

In which countries can the Ultiverse Genesis Visa Card be utilized?

Kay: Currently, it’s accessible to residents of EU countries; it can be employed globally wherever Visa is accepted.

Who qualifies for the Ultiverse Genesis Visa Card application?

Kay: Our services are stratified into three levels:

Visa card: Available for EEA and Switzerland residents, gradually expanding to regions such as South East Asia.

dApp and cash account services: Restricted for certain countries due to sanctions and regulations, except for a few countries, anyone can access a Swiss offshore account with Fiat24.

Owning the Fiat24 NFT: Open to anyone worldwide.

How can we apply for the Ultiverse Genesis Visa Card? When and where can we fill out the application form?

Jimmy: The Ultiverse Genesis Visa card is exclusively available to ElectricSheep holders. Holding the NFT grants eligibility for minting.

How long does it take to receive the Ultiverse Genesis Visa Card after application?

Kay: Expect it within a few days.

Is the Ultiverse Genesis Visa Card physical or virtual?

Kay: It’s exclusively virtual.

What advantages do Ultiverse Genesis Visa Card holders enjoy?

Jimmy: Holders staking ElectricSheep NFT at level 3 or above receive a 5% cashback reward. For Ultiverse ecosystem NFT holders, a second version of the card with core features is in development, offering fewer benefits with higher fees.

What percentage of cashback is provided?

Kay: 5%

Is there an annual fee for using the Ultivere Genesis Visa Card?

Kay: NO fees apply.

Are there any international transaction fees?

Kay: None from us, imposed by Visa.

What are the foreign currency exchange rates when using the Ultiverse Genesis Visa Card in different countries?

Kay: Exchange rates are determined by Visa, not by us.

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