‘Terminus: Finding Your Path’ Tutorial

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5 min readMar 4, 2024

Terminus City is the flagship AI-powered gaming experience introduced by Ultiverse. This special Zeta-Chain game is a version built upon Ultiverse’s worldview and managed by the special main brain, ‘Zeta.’

Terminus City integrates AI NPCs to offer an unprecedented immersive experience compatible with VR devices.

The Terminus: Finding Your Path campaign will unfold over seven days, featuring a leaderboard system that allows users to track their rankings by completing various tasks in this AI-driven digital world. Additionally, participants will be able to mint an NFT correlated with massive rewards.

The Terminus: Finding Your Path campaign is a 7-day event.

The total prize pool for the campaign is worth $50,000 USDT, distributed as follows:

$5,000 USDT worth of prizes are available for each of the first 6 days, with a substantial increase to $20,000 USDT worth of prizes on the 7th day.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to win!

1. Prepare your account!

a. Login to Ulti-Pilot (https://pilot.ultiverse.io/)

b. Navigate through pop-up.

c. Or check “Explore” and find “Terminus”.

d. Ensure your email is linked to your Ultiverse account, a password is set, and gas fee is sent to your Game Wallet.

⚠️To participate in the game, you need to log in to Ultiverse with your email and password. If you have not yet linked your email, please go to https://account.ultiverse.io/profile to bind it.

⚠️Prepare Gas Fee (ZETA on Zeta Chain) and send it to your GAME WALLET. Check your wallet at https://account.ultiverse.io/profile/wallets).

Or you can create an account by using email and bind your wallet (was used to connect with Ulti-Pilot) as an Asset Wallet.

2. Download the game or cloud gaming

a. You can download the client for a better experience on Windows PC (Recommended GPU: RTX 3060 or higher).

b. Or use cloud gaming services on Mac or Windows PC;

3. Enter the game!

a. Log in with your email and password.

b. Once you enter game, the game wallet will be connected automatically;

4. Control guide

a. You can use mouse and “W”, “A”, “S”, “D” on keyboard to move; Press Space to jump; press “Ctrl” to squat;

b. You can press “ESC” to open the menu page;

c. You can press “TAB” or “ESC” on keyboard to close the dialog box;

d. Press “E” on the keyboard to interact with objects;

e. Begin your journey by talking to NPCs and completing tasks. NPCs can be located by their names;

f. Engage in free chat with AI NPCs anytime!

You can also click the “?” icon for topic suggestions.

g. Tasks are auto-saved upon completion;

h. Return to NPCs to mint badges after task completion;

i. After successfully minted, badges are stored in your backpack.

j. “Reset” the game to experience the storyline again, though badges remain unchanged and can only be minted once per account;

5. Find more tasks & prizes on Mission Runner, and complete missions during the campaign to earn substantial prizes on Mission Runner at https://mission.ultiverse.io/project/findpath!

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