Ultiverse MetaFi Ecosystem News — August 21, 2023

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Ultiverse MetaFi Ecosystem News — August 21, 2023

Welcome to the latest edition of the Ultiverse MetaFi Ecosystem News! We’re excited to bring you the most recent updates from our vibrant community. Dive in to discover the latest developments, events, and opportunities. Let’s explore what’s been happening in our ever-evolving Ultiverse!

@Bingo0x Official Launch on opBNB Testnet

The highly anticipated Bingo0x game has officially launched on the opBNB Testnet! Get ready for an exhilarating experience and a chance to win fantastic prizes. Join us at bingo0x.com to participate and try your luck in winning the following:

  • Genesis NFT and $50,000 airdrop
  • Claim up to 1,000 tickets daily
  • Top players will secure USD points and VIP NFTs

Be part of the excitement and head over to Twitter for more details!

@Cyber8Ball Pre-Alpha Event Coming Soon

Prepare for the Cyber8Ball Pre-Alpha Event! Be among the first to test this captivating game by signing up at mission.ultiverse.io/t/Y3liZXI4QmFsbHwxNjkyMzU0Nzk1MDc1. Get ready for thrilling challenges, loads of prizes, and engaging activities!

@CricketFlyGame Genesis NFT #FREE MINT and SDK Integration Update

Mark your calendars! The Genesis NFT #FREE MINT event is scheduled at the end of August. Follow @CricketFlyGame on Twitter and join the Discord community for upcoming updates. The SDK integration is in its final stages, and the newest DAPP will launch next week. We can’t wait to welcome you to the Cricket Fly game!

@0xElectricSheep The Fiat24 & Ultiverse Genesis Visa Card has been launched!

@0xElectricSheep NFT holders, get yours NOW!

Step 1

Mint Fiat24 & Ultiverse Genesis Visa Card: https://account.ultiverse.io/profile/cards


Visit @Fiat24Account Dapp:



@MetaMerge_xyz Celebrates opBNB’s Odyssey

Join the celebration as opBNB transitions from Testnet to Mainnet! Participate in the Meta Merge gaming event for a chance to win grand prizes, including high-star pet eggs and $MMM tokens. Find all the details at bnbchain.org/en/blog/opbnb-the-odyssey-from-testnet-to-mainnet/. The event runs from August 14th to August 28th, 2023.

@UltiverseDAO and ZetaChain Unite for Boundless Possibilities

Exciting news! The integration of ZetaChain’s testnet into #Ultiverse paves the way for an even more seamless metaverse experience. Delve into the potential of obtaining @MetaMerge_xyz pets with test #ZETA. For more information, read the detailed article at ultiversedao.medium.com/ultiverse-and-zetachain-have-joined-forces-in-a-strategic-partnership-to-drive-the-potential-of-78204a5b73b8.

@420Empire1: Successful Testnet Mint and Discord AMA

Great news from @420Empire1! The successful testnet mint on Linea has been completed. Check out the wallet address checklist for transparency and accountability. Also, don’t miss the opportunity to join the Discord AMA hosted by Element on August 22nd at 2 AM EST. Gain insights, earn Zealy points, and potentially enter whitelists by participating!

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and events within the Ultiverse MetaFi Ecosystem. Keep exploring, engaging, and thriving together!



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