🌟 Ultiverse MetaFi Weekly Newsletter — Community Updates 🌟

Ultiverse Team
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🌟 @UltiverseDAO MetaFi Weekly Newsletter — Community Updates 🌟

Greetings, #Ultiverse MetaFi Ecosystem Community! 🚀

We’re excited to bring you the latest updates and developments from the Ultiverse MetaFi universe. Let’s dive right into the action:

@Bingo0x: Ready to Shine on opBNB

🎉 The moment we’ve been eagerly awaiting is almost here! After weeks of meticulous integration and testing, the @Bingo0x project is all set to go live on opBNB next week. Get ready to experience a new dimension of possibilities and opportunities within the MetaFi ecosystem.

@0xElectricSheep: Unveiling Thrilling Features

🎉 Holders of @0xElectricSheep NFTs in the @MetaMerge_xyz ecosystem, brace yourselves for an array of exclusive rewards! Here’s what’s in store for you:

  1. 🏆 Engage in exhilarating in-game tasks at http://Mission.Ultiverse.io and claim exclusive rewards.
  2. 🐏 Lease your precious @0xElectricSheep NFTs to earn rental fees while renters bask in in-game rewards.
  3. 🎁 ES Lv4 holders, get ready to receive Boost Packs loaded with gold coins, pets, and much more! Your NFTs are about to become even more rewarding.

@CricketFlyGame: Upcoming Adventures

  1. The recent Pre-Launch AMA featuring @CricketFly and @SkaleNetwork was a grand success. For those who missed it, catch up on the insightful recap here: Medium Article
  2. A fresh language channel has opened up on our vibrant Discord server! Join here: Discord Invite
  3. Prepare for groundbreaking fan engagement as Cricket Fly teams up with Islamabad United. Explore the Web3-powered realm and redefine your connection with the #RedHotSquad🦁. Read more: Article Link

@Cyber8Ba11: Alpha Test and Community Rumble

  1. The #Cyber8Ball community alpha test is just around the corner! Stay tuned and hop onto our Discord to secure your spot among the limited participants.
  2. Get your game faces on for the Kwerp Invaders Community Rumble! Represent Cyber8Ball and compete for a remarkable 1500 USDC prize pool. More details available here: Event Details

@MetaMerge_xyz: Alpha Dreams and Magical Hatchings

  1. Our Meta Merge Alpha Test Campaign has welcomed 100 elite players to the dream team! The journey to shaping the future of Meta Merge is underway.
  2. Introducing the captivating Meta Merge Reborn Rewards Plan — a world of benefits awaits our dedicated participants.
  3. 🙌 Embark on a thrilling adventure with Meta Merge’s HatchXplore — MUSHPORE! Immerse yourself in the enchanting process of hatching S-class pets. Join the magic here: HatchXplore Link

@UltiverseDAO : Powering Ahead with Partnerships

  1. 🚀 We’re elated to announce @UltiverseDAO’s support for the @BNBChain Hackvolution as a proud partner. Apply now and be a part of this remarkable event: Apply Here
  2. Our partnership with @SpaceIDProtocol is set to revolutionize user experience. Web3 Name SDK integration enables you to witness your unique .bnb names within the Ultiverse Mission Runner platform.
  3. Exciting times ahead as @UltiverseDAO teams up with @PolyhedraZK. This collaboration paves the way for Web3 interoperability, harnessing the prowess of Polyhedra Network’s zero-knowledge proof protocols.

@420Empire1: Mark Your Calendars

  1. August 27th marks the official minting event for 420 Empire. Missed the recent AMA session? Don’t worry, catch up on it and discover how you could secure a spot on the exclusive Whitelist.
  2. On August 13th, gear up for the thrilling Guessing Flag Names Mini Contest by 420 Empire. Test your geographical knowledge and showcase your skills on a global stage!

Stay tuned for more exhilarating updates and announcements that define the pulse of the #Ultiverse MetaFi community. Together, we thrive and conquer new frontiers!

Let’s continue our journey of innovation and discovery, hand in hand. 🌌

With MetaFi passion,

The Ultiverse Team 🚀



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