Ultiverse Silver and Gold Chip NFT Mint

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4 min readApr 26, 2024

Ultiverse is launching the Gold Chip NFT collection — the gateway to accessing $ULTI — on April 29th, 2024.

Everyone can participate in the minting process.

After the $ULTI TGE, holders of Gold Chip NFTs can burn them to receive a monthly token airdrop.

NFT Mint Info

Total Supply: 8,000

Mint Price: 0.25 ETH

Blockchain: Ethereum

Token Standard: ERC-721

Reserved NFT Distribution:

  • Gold Chip Pool — 2,000 (Guaranteed)
  • Silver Chip Pool + Public Pool — 6,000 (Raffle)
  • Each of the three Pools will have a fixed number of NFT reservations.

Minting Structure

💸 Phase 1 — Deposit Phase

  • Deposit 0.25 ETH when the phase begins to secure a lot.
  • There’s no limit to the number of lots one can secure per wallet address.
  • Each Gold Chip Whitelist spot and Silver Chip Whitelist spot grants a Gold Chip Lot and a Silver Chip Lot, respectively.
  • Lots are filled in the following priority: Gold Chip Lots (Guaranteed) -> Silver Chip Lots (Raffle) -> Public Lots (Raffle).
  • Deposit within the first 24 hours for a 150% increase in winning chances with Silver Chip and Public Lots.

Start: April 29th, 8PM HKT / 8AM EST / 12PM UTC

⏳ Phase Duration: 48 Hours

💸 Phase 2 — Raffle Phase

  • Your eligible lots (0.25ETH per lot) — excluding filled Gold Chip lots — are entered into both the Silver Chip Pool and Public Pool raffles.
  • Raffle winners from the Silver Chip Pool are selected first.
  • Any unselected lots from the Silver Chip Pool will automatically be entered into the Public Pool for raffle.

Start: May 1st, 8PM HKT / 8AM EST / 12PM UTC

⏳ Phase Duration: 24 Hours

💸 Phase 3 — Claim & Refund Phase

  • Claim your Gold Chip NFTs for the winning lots from all three pools and receive a full refund for any unselected lots.
  • Any unclaimed assets after three months will go to the Ultiverse treasury.

Start: May 2nd, 8PM HKT / 8AM EST / 12PM UTC

⏳ Grace Period: 3 Months

*For the safety of your fund, make sure you access the page from Ultiverse official channel and double check the website URL before any actions.

Select the number of bids you wish to place; you will see the total ETH needed for your bid on the left. Then click [BID] and proceed to the wallet transaction.

You may later claim and mint your Gold Chip NFT for the winning bids or claim a full refund for any unselected bids during the Mint & Refund Phase.

Upon successful transaction, you will see the following pop-up window.

You may also scroll down to view the details of your bid.

Raffle Phase

The bid will close at 12:00 UTC on May 1st. The raffle result will be announced on May 2nd. No action is needed from users at this phase.

Mint & Refund Phase

Mint: When you win the bids, you may mint your Gold Chip NFTs. Select the number of Gold Chip you wish to mint and then click [MINT] and follow the prompt in your wallet.

Refund: If your bids are not selected, you may click the [REFUND] button for full refund. Your ETH will be refunded to the original wallet.

NFT Burning and $ULTI

The Gold Chip NFT collection is deflationary.

Following the $ULTI TGE(Counting down for TGE…) , Gold Chip NFTs can be burned to receive a monthly token airdrop. Once burned, all accumulated airdrops from each subsequent month following the TGE become immediately claimable.

Eligible Token Amount: 50,000 $ULTI

Vesting Description: 15% token unlock immediately (plus all accumulated airdrops from each subsequent month following the TGE), no cliff, followed by a 15-month linear monthly vesting (minus the months passed following the TGE).

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