Ultiverse Town Hall Meeting | Dec. 2023

Ultiverse Team
3 min readDec 22, 2023

Dear Ultiverse Community Members,

Today, we gather for our final town hall of 2023. It’s hard to believe we’ve embarked on this 12-month journey together! Through the bear market’s challenges, we’ve proven that where there’s a will, there’s a way. Let’s review key developments, share exciting updates in Ultiverse, and unveil special news.

Ultiverse Town Hall Meeting | Dec. 2023



Speaker: Jimbol, Ultiverse Co-Founder

Host: Moonlight, Ultiverse Head of Commuity and Business Development

Welcoming New Members:
A warm welcome to all new members who recently joined our vibrant community. The market buzzes with activity, and the influx of new faces is truly exciting. We express our sincere gratitude for your interest and active participation. Today’s Townhall comes a bit earlier than planned because I couldn’t wait to share our latest progress.

Addressing Community Questions:
We’ll provide detailed answers to questions about game launches, tokens, airdrop rewards, and more. Gain insights into staking, reward mechanisms, and Ultiverse’s competitive strategy in the Web3 gaming space. Explore our views on business models, integration of AI technology, and trends for 2024.

New Version of Terminus City (Launching in February):
- Introduction of AI NPCs trained through our worldview, allowing players to experience different outcomes through Free CHAT (Title: “Finding Your Path”).
- Compatibility with Vision Pro and collaboration with a token-ready major chain for substantial rewards.
- VR-compatible gaming experience driven by a unique worldview, featuring a constantly evolving storyline in partnership with multiple L1 and L2 chains.

Lightweight Game Driven by AI Based on Bodhi Protocol:
- Prototype version of an AI-driven world enabling players to create personalized experiences, influencing macro world trends.
- A micro-world reflecting the initial step toward building an AI-autonomous world.

Introduction to the Bodhi Protocol:
- Backbone of our protocol layer, serving as a Synergistic Ecosystem Integrator supporting technical infrastructure and upcoming Dapps.
- Built on advanced large language models.
- Interactive Platform enabling value realization from creation to assets.

Media Matrix Strategy:
- Focused on regional promotion and educational deployment, with official announcements planned soon.
- Shoutout to Moonlight! High demand for the Ultiverse live show. Expect a greater variety of formats in 2024. Stay tuned.

Updates on Ultiverse SDK Program Seasons 1 and 2:
- Season 1: It is in the review phase, bringing valuable lessons and insights.
- Season 2: We will introduce a new game and a lightweight social App in Q1 2024, expected to attract exponentially more users than the Ultiverse SDK Program Season 1.

White Paper and Tokenomics:
- We’ve spent the past months updating our white paper and tokenomics, planning to release it by the end of December, 2023.

Holiday Surprise:
- A special surprise for Electric Sheep NFT utility is lined up for our loyal holders.

Community and Ecosystem Building:
We encourage members to focus on our ecosystem’s various products and content, contribute, and offer constructive feedback. Our goal is to build an international community with shared pursuits and interests, love for gaming, and a focus on unity and collective growth.

From day one, Ultiverse has been a token-driven ecosystem. We advise against excessive speculation. Two pieces of advice for everyone:
1. Trust that things will fall into place.
2. Secrets ensure success, while leaks lead to failure.

We sincerely appreciate your support and participation. As Ultiverse continues to grow and evolve, we look forward to creating a richer and more dynamic digital world together.

Stay tuned!

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Ultiverse is committed to constructing a AI gaming platform on web3 that offers a wide range of user experiences. Using MetaFi and cutting-edge AI technologies and Dapps, Ultiverse aims to create a diverse and inclusive community of users. The platform will feature a matrix of different media, including virtual reality, to offer users an immersive experience. Similar to the “Oasis” from “Ready Player One,” Ultiverse’s AI gaming platform will be a dynamic and interactive space that allows for creativity and exploration.

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