Ultiverse Townhall Recap: Major Ecosystem Updates | Jan. 2024

Ultiverse Team
4 min readJan 31, 2024

GM, everyone!

Thank you for joining us, and as always it was great to welcome so many of you, especially those joining in 2024. Your contribution to the growth of Ultiverse has been immense. Today, I’d like to share our current progress and the future outlook.

Let’s start with updates on major upcoming launches:

  1. The 1B-U2DM SOUL initiative aims to distribute more SOUL tokens to our community and lower the barrier for new members acquiring SOUL.
  2. Ulti-Pilot will serve as the gateway for our platform-level products. And it will include SOUL consumption scenarios. The first version is largely a test that is open to the ES holders, and a major update is coming around 17th-19th of February.
  3. Our new SDK game — BAC has a high probability to become the first game to launch on Blast start Alpha test, and official launch is expected this year. It has already attracted tremendous hype and it’s definitely worth paying attention to this year.
  4. The new version of Terminus City is almost ready and will go live as scheduled.

I also want to reflect on our journey over the past month, and Ultiverse’s strategic plans for the next steps. Let’s check what we’ve accomplished so far:

  1. Experimenting with and upgrading various narratives beyond just ‘metaverse’ and ‘MetaFi’, we’ve integrated AI to better fulfill our vision as a one-stop game production and publishing platform. This has strengthened our publishing approach for mid-core and lightweight games and enabled us to rebrand, strengthen our positioning and realize our vision: To catalyze the mass adoption of Web3 gaming enhanced by AI.
  2. Deepening and expanding of our community network (including Friendtech and industry peers), some of the new connections have become ES holders.
  3. On a tactical level, we can learn from the experience we’ve accumulated in the market and apply proven tactics to our marketing goals.

So what are our next steps moving forward?

Firstly, we will continue to publish high-quality games in line with our core mission. Secondly, Terminus City and its iterative versions will be continuously updated and optimized to deliver richer user experiences. It will evolve into an event-driven model, showcasing diverse capabilities and AI integration. This includes ongoing collaborations with major blockchains to attract attention and bring new users to the ecosystem.

We will continue to strengthen and explore the application of AI. As an integral part of our platform. The Bodhi protocol provides us with virtually unlimited possibilities to take our technology and UX to the next level.

Most importantly, we will incentivize our community via tokenomics, ensuring every member benefits from our growth. A portion of the revenue (typically 25–50% from the SDK) will be used to buy back $ULTC tokens. Of this, 20% goes to the treasury, while the remaining 80% will be distributed to the community as rewards. This way, our community will be strongly motivated to promote and invite their friends to play our SDK. The greater the contribution, the higher the rewards will be.

Last but not least, every game has its life cycle, and nowadays, people’s attention spans have become increasingly shorter. Our tokenomics is designed to ensure that our governance token, $ULTC, will not be affected by the life cycle of any game. Instead, it can benefit from our game release schedule.

The title for the upcoming new version of Terminus is “Finding Your Path”. It transcends a mere slogan — it represents the very ethos of our platform. We aim to empower each community member, regardless of whether they are a gamer, developer or creator, to embark on a quest to uncover their passions and purpose within our virtual universe.

Our tools such as Ulti-Pilot fuel this journey of self-discovery by enabling anyone to unlock their creativity and pioneer new frontiers. We believe that when given the freedom to explore, individuals will carve their unique path and contribute value in unexpected ways.

Ultiverse provides the launch pad for this boundless exploration. Our users illuminate the infinite possibilities within these virtual worlds. We are dedicated to nurturing this spirit of adventure so everyone can locate their unique intersection of interests and talents. This symbiotic ecosystem enriches us all as pioneers collectively navigating the future.

I also want to emphasize that community is our core. We wouldn’t have achieved what we have today and equally, cannot move forward without your continued support.

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